Volume 92, Issue 70

Tuesday, February 2, 1999


Mad meds to march

Stabbing was self-inflicted

Grade of law improves

Mt. A strike stalemate

Province-wide tests possible

Corporately forumed

Pies fly in protest of CASA

Naimji focussed on the student body

Stimulating Valentine's Day


Caught on campus

Stimulating Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day less than two weeks away, that extra boost just might be needed. Two weeks ago the first half of an A to Z tour of aphrodisiacs appeared in this space and the following list rounds out most of the alphabet – with the exception of letters which don't have too many words that start with them, like "Q."

So read up and head to your local grocery or specialty foods store to stock up because you don't want to leave this until Feb. 13. A lot of stores in the neighbourhood run out of the essentials around that time.

Niacin (vitamin B3) – This nutrient helps dilate blood vessels, which in turn causes the genitals to blush and the rest of you to tingle. It is found in fish, figs, asparagus and peanuts, but a supplement is necessary to generate the desired effect.

Oysters – Like Venus, they come from the sea and are a healthy source of zinc and copper which nourish the body and the brain. The "law of similarities" comes into play here once again.

Pheromones – These are chemicals made by the body as sexual attractants. Detected by the olfactory senses, a subconscious message is sent to the genitalia of the opposite sex. The perfume industry is still trying to create a love potion out of these.

Rhino Horn – A fine powder made from the horn has no real aphrodisiac qualities, but a 3,000-year-old tradition is difficult to break.

Spanish Fly – Dried up beetle parts irritates the urogenitalia tract, rushing blood to the sex organs. Big problem is the stuff can cause infection and will probably kill you.

Tantra – These are mystical writings based on sex. Takes years of practice with someone you love to achieve a tantric connection. Woody Harrelson preaches this religion loudly.

Vanilla – Its delicious smell and taste arouse such pleasure that it is considered an aphrodisiac.

Wine – This beverage of the gods has the alcoholic strength to do wonders, but used in a gentle romantic setting it has the power to set the perfect mood.

X Rated – With this list there should be no need for anything so blatant.

Yohimbine – The only herb recommended by doctors for the treatment of impotence, it can have a lasting effect on those without a problem.

Zodiac – If all else fails, you can always look to the stars for love.

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