Volume 92, Issue 70

Tuesday, February 2, 1999


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Pointless football

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Pointless football

Re: Super Bowl

To the Editor:

Have we all gone nuts or what? I just watched the very end of the Super Bowl and I saw some brew company's "Cross Canada Super Party" (or whatever).

Where were all these people during the Grey Cup? I mean, we all go on and on and on about "Canada this" and "Canada that" and we can't even get excited over one hell of an exciting game on its own merits? The Super Bowl is famous as a Super Bore, yet the Grey Cup thrills year after year after year (witness this past Grey Cup, in which the Calgary Stampeders won on the final play).

Where's the hype? Where's the chest pounding? Well, given that well over three million Canucks watched that game in November, there sure must be a hell of a lot of closet fans of Canadian football out there – Mustang football fans notwithstanding.

What's the point of this letter? Nothing. Just thought I'd get off the well-worn path of "My pee-pee hurts!" or "They called me names!" hissy fits which seem to be written in here every day. Go Go Argos!

David Garvin
German/Philosophy IV

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