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Tuesday, February 2, 1999


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Unnecessary grunting

Re: Campus recreation

To the Editor:

Western's campus recreation program is one of the finest establishments in all of Canada. There is ample access to cardiovascular machines and a wide variety of weights to keep any participant in tip top shape.

In a school with nearly 30,000 students, there are obviously going to be certain popular time slots you avoid. This is an obvious fact and its consideration only amplifies the enjoyment one may reap from regular exercise.

I could easily continue to emphasize campus recreation's strengths all day. Instead, I feel compelled to point out one quirk – "THE GRUNTERS!" Those of you who visit the weight room between 9 and 11 p.m. on weeknights know exactly what I am talking about.

There are certain individuals who decide that they will make barnyard noises while doing their exercises so everyone in the gym has no choice but to stop what they are doing and check where the noise is coming from. Sure, these guys are lifting sick poundages, but is the blatant hollering really necessary?

Individuals such as "the grunters" may provide a comic relief to some, but for those just starting out, the bellowing can be very intimidating. Surely this reaction is quite contrary to what campus recreation hopes to instill in Western's exercise-conscious student body. So to cut this short, let's keep the grunting to a minimum to make the weight room a better place for us all.

Cory Garlock
Economics II

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