Volume 92, Issue 71

Wednesday, February 3, 1999


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Recycling blues

Editorial Cartoon

Recycling blues

Let's face it. Recycling is just about as much fun as watching cows eat. But it is an important step towards reducing the amount of garbage which is taken to local landfills daily.

Students are perhaps one of the highest producers of recyclable trash – due to excessive amounts of pop cans, paper from class notes and pizza boxes. In an effort to boost student participation in recycling, the Jewish Students' Union and the University Students' Council's environmental awareness committee are running a week-long campaign to sell blue boxes in the University Community Centre atrium.

So maybe you don't care about recycling and feel it's a big waste of time. Well, to allow all students, regardless of their anti-environmentalist views, to participate in the box-buying frenzy, here are a few ideas of things which can be done with those fancy blue rectangles.

– The sturdy plastic construction and convenient carrying handles are perfect for the transportation of oil, paint and other household toxins to your local lake for disposal. You'll never spill pollutants on your Tommy jeans again.

– With the abundance of rain and snow London has been receiving lately, there's no way you'd want to wear your $3,000 fur coat anywhere outside the house. A blue box is a nice place to keep your 5,000 chinchilla skins warm and dry.

– If you haven't quite saved up enough to get that fur coat yet, the second-best route is to make one yourself. Tag along with a group of fur trappers headed for the Arctic and don't forget to pack your blue box – it'll come in handy when the seal club gets too heavy.

– Aerosol cans just make an unsightly mess when they're scattered all over the house. A blue box or two will solve any manic house cleaner's nightmare. Those pretty silver cans will be lined up like tin soldiers.

– Is your high cost, low quality student housing missing a cozy fireplace to snuggle up to? Just use a blue box! Set it in the middle of any living room and light it, making for a romantic evening. And for those special moments, throw a few Styrofoam containers on the pile and watch the colourful flames appear.

– Are those mountain gorillas, grey wolves and panda bears constantly digging up your perfectly manicured yard and rooting through your piles of garbage? These endangered species are quickly and effortlessly removed by an easy to make trap. A blue box, a stick, a piece of yarn, a sharp knife and some pizza for bait is all it should take.

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