Volume 92, Issue 71

Wednesday, February 3, 1999


Huge med student protest hits Toronto

Faculty amendments in the mail

Grads to vote on pass

Forum wagon cruises into affiliates

Ridding evil sees change of the times

Death spurs awareness

Suurkask hopes to sweep council clean

Thefts decrease

Caught on campus

Forum wagon cruises into affiliates

By Christina Vardanis
Gazette Staff

At a forum yesterday in the King's College cafeteria, University Students' Council presidential candidates had the opportunity to give students more to think about than their fish sticks.

One issue which struck a chord with the room was how the candidates intended to deal with the affiliated colleges during their presidency. The question was addressed when a student pointed out that in this year's Westernizer, the location of King's College was designated only by an arrow pointing off main campus.

SzeJack Tan talked of communication and the idea of travelling USC meetings. He said he didn't see maintaining contact as a difficult situation. "I'd like to get out there and do the simple things, like talk to people and eat lunch with them."

According to Joey Hammill, a solution to miscommunication between campuses would include increasing resource availability and encouraging students to take an active part in USC events. "It's important to keep the autonomy of the residence councils," he said. "Councillors should be used to encourage people to express their views at the USC meetings. Check the minutes. Go to the meetings."

"The web system needs to be revamped to access important information," said Emily Chung. She added moderated forums, which would include faculty representatives, the USC president and Western President Paul Davenport, could effectively address student problems.

Stephen Zolis referred to his experience as an affiliated college student when addressing the issue. "[Former USC President] Dave Tompkins used to come in and talk to students over a big plate of bacon and eggs. It was casual conversation which made you feel comfortable. I'd like to do that all over campus," he explained.

A more formal approach to the breakfast strategy was taken by Perry Monaco, who said he would like to make official weekly presidential hours at each of the affiliated colleges. "One of the main reasons I ran [for president] was because I thought these campuses were underrepresented," he said.

"People have to feel closer to council," said Kalev Suurkask. "I'll bring it closer to you." Suurkask said he'd like to see highly publicized USC events in the affiliated colleges to bridge the gap to main campus.

Nurup Naimji appealed to the communal sense of King's College and applied it to the students' council. "As a group of students here, there is a stronger bond. We lose a sense of community on main campus."

John Botting addressed specific instances, such as Charity Ball tickets being sold only on main campus, when he spoke of the issue. "Lack of communication is a problem," he said. "We have to increase awareness to this fact."

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