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Thursday, February 4, 1999


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Armed advertising to greet drivers

By Leena Kamat
Gazette Staff

"In your face ads" may be the first thing drivers see when parking at Western.

In an effort to generate new revenue, Western has planned to place advertisements on the gate arms in parking lots, said Dave Hill, manager of parking and visitor services at Western.

These ads are three feet long soft plastic tubes which are slipped on the arm gates, Hill said. He added when the ads will appear is dependent on locating advertisers.

"This is something new we have tried but no action has been seen as of yet," Hill said.

The responsibility for finding potential advertisers has been contracted out to Boom-Ad Advertising Systems of Toronto which has an agreement with the university but has not yet been able to find potential advertisers.

"The university market is a tough one to crack," said John McMulkin, VP-finance for Boom-Ad. He explained the difficulty is due to the fact potential advertisers recognize students have a smaller disposable income to spend on their products.

McMulkin said they are looking for companies in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries and will stay away from alcohol and tobacco advertisements.

Western is not the first school to consider Boom-Ad style tubes. The University of Ottawa had looked into Boom-Ad, but realized they would receive only $900 per year for all six gates, said Lise Clement, coordinator of parking and traffic for the University of Ottawa.

"That wasn't really worth our time," Clement said.

Instead, the university decided to sell ads themselves for $500 per arm per year, Clement said.

Hill said the University of Ottawa's sticker idea was something that he had to look into but it might not be feasible because of Western's outdoor parking compared to Ottawa's underground parking.

Dave Small, VP-finance for the University Students' Council, liked the idea of gate arm ads at Western. "I think it's a prime location."

He said this kind of advertising should be used to alleviate the costs of students' tuition. According to a policy set by the Board of Governors, 50 per cent of all advertising revenue must go to student aid, while the other half would go to the general operating budgeting pool.

Peter Mercer, VP-administration for Western, said the university hoped to make $40,000 annually once the ads were in place. He said he believed the revenue would be a part of the parking budget.

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