Volume 92, Issue 72

Thursday, February 4, 1999


Argument ends in stabbing

Drilling the candidates

Western stands alone without "u"

Armed advertising to greet drivers

Presidential boobs on the tube

Dyer changes in Canada

Tan's got a plan for improvement

Presidential boobs on the tube

By Brendan Howe
Gazette Staff

Chances are this year's version of the University Students' Council presidential campaign commercials won't garner any Academy Award nominations, but nonetheless, they are good for a chuckle.

Produced and aired starting Monday on TVWestern, the one-minute spots aim to tell students a little about the presidential wannabes. Here's a review of each one.

John Botting – If the USC president needs to make quick decisions, Botting might have a tough time filling the role. In one of the few commercials which is not a spin-off of a movie or another ad, he spends his minute of fame talking on the phone deciding what his commercial will be. The Happy Hoofers and the break-dancers are a nice touch.

Emily Chung – Helping students across campus begging for a better education, money for tuition and student representation is the focus of Chung's commercial. A unique idea, but it doesn't work. The three students are given a copy of her campaign platform and poof, their problems are solved. She should let people know where to find that magic paper.

Joey Hammill – If the USC president's sole job is to sit in his office and masturbate, Hammill is the perfect person for the job. A takeoff of There's Something About Mary, it's less funny and more disgusting than the hair gel scene in the movie.

Perry Monaco – Taking the idea from a Budweiser commercial, Monaco lists his experience and qualities down one side of the screen, juxtaposed with several scenes from his past four years at Western. Great idea, great execution. It's what you'd expect from a guy in media.

Nurup Naimji – On the flipside of things, Naimji's one-minute plug is a fine example of how a takeoff can go dramatically wrong. So I Married an Axe Murderer was not that good a movie to begin with and this revitalization soils the thought more. He tries to sing a song in Mike Myers fashion but comes off more abrasive than a steel wool toothbrush.

Kalev Suurkask – Suurkask's modified version of the video for U2's "Sweetest Thing" is a sweet way to communicate his platform ideas. It's risky trying to imitate U2 but it's done effectively here. Anyone who hasn't seen the video, however, won't understand the facial expressions and the signs which follow him walking along in front of the University Community Centre.

SzeJack Tan – Comparing himself to other presidential candidates using Pizza Pops is not only original, but pretty damn funny. The Pilsbury commercial turned candidate ad is an effective way of showcasing Tan's platform. Flashing ideas across the bottom of the screen is a little unoriginal but definitely one of the better candidate plugs.

Steve Zolis – If those watching the commercials make it all the way to the last candidate, they probably won't make it through his commercial. Zolis struts around campus solving students' problems in quite an artificial, chess club president-type way and the result is what you'd expect.

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