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Thursday, February 4, 1999


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Tan's got a plan for improvement

Tan's got a plan for improvement

By Dave Yasvinski
Gazette Staff

SzeJack Tan's master plan involves building on things which have proven to work and making them better.

Tan, a fourth-year biology student and a University Students' Council presidential candidate, said every year a lot of candidates come in with huge ideas which sound great but may not be realistic. One of the major things Tan said he wants to build on is accountability for student dollars.

"What I plan to do is take some myths away from student fees and answer the question of what the fees are for."

To this end Tan said he proposes to establish a web site which will break down exactly where student dollars are going. Being aware of where this money goes will allow students to maximize their use of campus services and put them in a better position to decide if changes to the fee structure are necessary.

Tan said another of his big priorities is building on the communication between students and university administration. Western President Paul Davenport attended a student council meeting earlier this year and Tan said he wants this invitation extended to other members of senior administration. "It is a good opportunity for the public. Let the students ask them questions."

It is also important to increase student awareness about the Board of Governors' elections here on campus, Tan said. "It's a real shame the way the Board of Governors elections are perceived. They don't receive much fanfare – they are the highest student seat on the food chain here."

Tan said he would like to see elements of the presidential elections adapted to the Board elections such as a student phone poll and an increase in the number of public forums candidates must attend.

In an effort to decrease the perception of the USC president as being inaccessible, Tan said he would like to do a show on TVWestern once a month to reach out to students.

"My goal is to put a face to the presidency and try to address the concerns students have."

Tan added his experience would serve him well, should he be elected president. "I have been very fortunate in my four years here. I've been on everything from residents' council to Senate – you need to have a broad understanding of what people are thinking and know what the issues are."

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