Volume 92, Issue 72

Thursday, February 4, 1999


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Another sticky situation

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Another sticky situation

Re: Immature students

To the Editor:

I used to think that attending a university implied a certain level of maturity. I never knew how wrong I was.

From childish graffiti scrawled on desks, to urine left on toilet seats, to people hitting every button in the elevator – proof was all around me. I tried to write them off as individual occurrences, but that all changed on Tuesday morning.

I was attending my morning class in University College Room 224. This is one of the older rooms with small chairs and desktops that swing up and over the seat. So I sit down for class and swung the writing surface up over my lap and onto my brand new shirt. I enjoyed my professor's lecture on the dining philosopher problem. As class ended, I swung the desktop back down only to find that some immature, ignorant bastard had put gum under the desk. Gum which had summarily stuck to my shirt and got pressed in as I leaned on the desk.

To quote Denis Leary, "I'm hoping it wasn't something as stupid as 'I'm done with this. It goes here.'" Unfortunately, there's no other excuse. I can't reasonably see some student pretending to be MacGyver and using his wad of Doublemint to repair some life and death problem with the desk. It was just some prick who decided that waiting until they got to the door to get rid of their gum would be too much of a hassle.

Well, needless to say, my brand new shirt is ruined, at least until science develops some kind of miracle solution to remove gum from clothes. I know that whoever did this is likely laughing their ass off right now, instead of feeling the guilt that I would expect them to feel. That's just the way people around here act.

I never thought I would be ashamed to be a Western student. I spent my first two and a half years here defending the student body in general from the negative stereotypes of the public. Now, I'm actually ashamed to say I go to Western. How can I get the respect I deserve when people think I attend a nursery school for adults?

Bevan Earhart
Computer Science III

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