Volume 92, Issue 73

Friday, February 5, 1999


The Concrete Beat

Rock 'n' roll ain't dead, just needs a Big Wreck

Local artists tread methodical path to fame

Week's up, end is near

Jen McLaren joins the Nettwerk

Space shuttle and Nimoy land at IMAX theatre

Pakistani, Korean cultures raise awareness

A symbol of greatness

Underground Sound

Celebrity sightings

Celebrity sightings

Gazette file photo

The truth is out there – and it seems to be hiding at Western. Special agent and X-Files hero Fox Mulder is on the case. He slipped in and out of our campus while on a mission to find alien oil, but mistakenly it was only photographic goop from The Gazette's Photo department. The aloof FBI agent snuck out, but left one trace behind – his badge. Sources say it was actually second-year student Derek Gilchrest, but he has viciously denied all allegations. Another celebrity sighting will go unconfirmed. If you spot a celebrity on campus, contact The Gazette right away!

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