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Friday, February 5, 1999


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Week's up, end is near

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By Michael Butt
Gazette Writer

For most students, the weekend equals a good time. And for London-based band The Weekend, why should things be any different?

The current lineup of vocals/guitarist Andrea Wasse, vocals/bassist Lorien Jones, synthesis Link C and drummer Clayton Corneil have been together for one year. However, the roots of the band go back as far as February 1996, when they were struck by a love for rock 'n' roll.

"We wanted to actually take part in what was going on [in the industry]" Wasse confesses. Since '96, The Weekend has matured personally and musically. They have found a confidence in their own music which has them primed for bigger and better things. This confidence shines brightest through Link C.

"I don't see how somebody couldn't be totally excited if they stumbled upon us," Link C explains.

"The Weekend has a happy sound, we're not angst driven. Our goal is to make people happy and dance," Wasse explains.

Jones reaffirms the thought. "Who wants to watch a bunch of people being angry?" he asks. "I don't. I like to have a good time."

"We don't play for 75 minutes with nine minute solos. You get three-minute songs, a quick show and a really warm buzz," Link concludes.

The Weekend is definitely having a good time, especially with all the success the band is encountering. As Jones mentions, a couple of the band's highlights have been winning a battle of the bands at Call the Office and have being selected to perform at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, March 3-7. This success has provided the band with an opportunity to play with other notable Canadian bands such as Rusty and London's Scratching Post.

Perhaps the most anticipated venture of this band is the recording of their debut album which begins this month. "We're going to release our debut CD and we want to have a video on MuchMusic hopefully by next year," Wasse reveals.

The Weekend's incremental steps towards establishing themselves as Canadian artists have sparked an ambition of outstanding proportion. "Total global world wide invasion of Spice proportions," Jones says jokingly. "We're the band of the millennium."

The Weekend has arrived and in more ways than one. "It's all about good times," Wasse states, as he speaks for the rest of the band. And in an unanimous decision, that's as it should be.

The Weekend will be at Call the Office on Feb. 19.

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