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Friday, February 5, 1999


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Pakistani, Korean cultures raise awareness

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EAST COAST IN THE HOUSE. Pakistani and Korean Students' Associations bring an Eastern flavour to this weekend.

By Mark Lewandowski
Gazette Staff

It is not rare for a university to be blessed with cultural events, but to have two in one weekend and both on such a large scale is definitely a rarity.

This weekend the Pakistani Students' Association will host the second annual Pakistani cultural show labeled Tufaan '99 and the Korean Student Association will celebrate their fifth annual fashion show.

"This year's show will be much bigger than last year's. It will include New York, Michigan, Queen's, McGill, the Toronto universities, as well as Western, Waterloo and the other schools close by. It is a cultural/talent competition which will feature competitive and non-competitive acts," explains Omar Yar Khan, president of the P.S.A.. Yar Khan is responsible for the overall vision of the event but admits his vice presidents – Muhammed Ali and Huwaida Pervey – did the nuts and bolts of the work.

"There will be group and individual dances, skits and bands, a little of everything. The jury will have a member from each university," Omar states. The performers will also represent all the universities involved.

"This event is held to promote Pakistani culture since we have such a large one here and abroad," Omar says. Fellow executive Saleh Zaidi agrees. "Our PSA is the largest in Canada and the most active. We are expecting 800 people to the event." With so many talents and ethnic foods available after the performances, the show should spice up the weekend while dispelling myths about the Pakistani culture.

"There have been some misconceptions about the Pakistani culture lately after the nuclear struggle with India. The media sometimes blows things out of proportion and stereotype a people – they were not aware of the entire story behind the struggle," Yar Khan says.

The show is scheduled for Feb. 6 at the Althouse College auditorium. A portion of the revenue from the show will go to help sponsor a child in Pakistan at the end of the year. With 250 people expected backstage, Althouse was pressed to accommodate such a large crowd.

The Korean Students' Association encountered different problems while preparing for their fashion show, which also takes place this Saturday at 8 p.m. at the London Convention Centre. "On Tuesday we got kicked out of the [Social Science Centre] basement because we had our music on. Some lady kept razzing us about having it too loud but it wasn't loud at all and we've been practicing there for five years," explains KSA promotional representative David Kim.

"The show is called Millennium. It's a travel through time from 1400 BC to AD 2000. It goes through various cultures and races. It is only run by the KSA," Kim continues. "Only one scene will be traditionally Korean. We just want to get our name out there and raise awareness of the KSA and Korean culture. When I say I'm from the KSA people are like, who?"

Kim is responsible for show promotion, but says it was four female executives who put the show together. "The show is really big in the Asian community and we hope to get about 500 people out to the show," Kim says.

"We will try to make it more of a family show, we had an incident in the past which offended some viewers," Kim adds. The show will involve traditional wear from Asia, Africa and the western nations.

"All of the proceeds from the show will go to the Canadian Cancer Society – 100 per cent," Kim boasts. "In practice our fashion show is funny and interactive. The music really sets the right mood and should get people out of their seats."

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