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Friday, February 5, 1999


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Underground Sound

By Larissa Primeau
Gazette Writer

Amongst the February turmoil of mid-term exams, intent to register and of course, the stress of finding a Valentine's Day date, Western's music faculty is offering a musical release.

Jerome Summers, a full-time member in the faculty of music, presents the Western Symphony on Feb. 5. The symphony, titled Northern Romance, will feature a great romantic repertoire written by Northern composers, one Englishman and two Russians.

Not only does Summers conduct the Western Orchestra, he can also be seen leading the International Symphony in Port Huron, The Woodstock Strings and The Scarborough Philharmonic in Toronto.

But this Friday, Summers is bringing his classical skills and musical talents to Alumni Hall. "The mandate is to cover a broad range of the repertoire. We try to do it by linking things together in a schematic way or by focusing on one specific composer. Northern Romance will be addressing the full repertoire," Summer says.

The orchestra, consisting of Western students ranging from first-year students to Londoners, gives the chance to view and appreciate the musical talents of Western students. "Angela Park will be presenting the last piece by Rach Maninoff, the Second Piano Concerto," Summers says. Angela won the University of Western Ontario Symphony Concerto Competition, as well as participating in Western's Orchestra.

Indeed the concert should be an excellent performance which includes pieces of Prokofiea from Romeo and Juliet and numbers by Ralph Vaughnghan Williams from the musical Fantasia. "The concert will be an easy concert to appreciate. It's full of popular things and it is a good Valentine's date," Summers say, when asked what he wants to achieve with this symphony.

"The main mandate is educational, to prepare students, so we cover a broad range. We're not so concerned with popular appeal."

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