Volume 92, Issue 73

Friday, February 5, 1999


New ministry based on old idea

Zoo's future the focus of forum

Candidates given poor rating so far

Control will soon be in the box

Y2K test flies by successfully

Zolis looks beyond buzz words


Caught on campus

Zoo's future the focus of forum

By Mark Brown
Gazette Staff

University Students' Council presidential candidates were the main attraction last night at the Zoo, but it still wasn't enough to draw the local wildlife.

The few students who did attend last night's forum at Saugeen-Maitland Hall were concerned about the future of the residence and how it is perceived by the administration.

In October, the administration met with the residents of Saugeen to address concerns about the university's liability associated with the residence's alcohol-related programming.

Although most of the candidates responded with similar answers, a few suggested different ways of approaching the issue. Stephen Zolis, however, was the only candidate who did not propose what he called a "popular" answer.

A lot of people steer clear of Saugeen because of its image, Zolis explained. He then asked the audience to consider what is more important to them – perpetuating "the Zoo" image or ensuring the students living in the residence will have the same experiences as they have.

SzeJack Tan, who has spent a lot of time in the residence, said while he understands some of the points the administration was making, he said the administration does not truly understand what the term "the Zoo" means to the residents. "It doesn't just mean party, it describes the people you are living with."

Joey Hammill agreed, expanding on Tan's point that the term is about how one forms their identity at school. He added so long as the administration associates this term with "party" it will always mean party.

Perry Monaco called issue between the residence and administration ridiculous. "I think it is going to take someone strong to go down and demand to know why."

A less confrontational approach was suggested by John Botting. "Essentially, go through the channels that already exist."

Kalev Suurkask said as a resident of Delaware Hall he could identify with this issue. "What we've got to do is work together with housing to come up with a solution."

Although Nurup Naimji admitted he did not know why the administration wanted to take away the residence's freedom, he said this right needs to be protected.

Due to other obligations, Emily Chung had to leave the forum before this question was posed to the candidates. Still, before Chung left she was asked to clarify a comment she made about cutting funding to Orientation Week.

Chung explained she will look at the student fees and not cut funding to the week specifically. She added she would like to reduce the budget of the USC. "It would keep things a lot simpler if the budget was smaller."

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