Volume 92, Issue 73

Friday, February 5, 1999


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Zolis looks beyond buzz words


Caught on campus

Zolis looks beyond buzz words

By Clare Elias
Gazette Staff

University Students' Council presidential candidate Steve Zolis stands at the edge of Western's main campus, wearing affiliated college spectacles.

Zolis said he believes the USC president needs a better understanding of what the students expect of them. "Students need to ask themselves what [they] want the president to be and how they want to be represented."

He added this type of representation requires a president to be approachable and accessible. Zolis likened his ideal design of presidency to former USC president, Dave Tompkins. "The president needs to take the stigma out of presidency. He can do this by not travelling around in official capacity, but to go as a friend."

Zolis boasted of his ability to look beyond his playing field and examine each angle, a trait the USC president should possess. "I look past the buzz words of accessibility and accountability for student fees," he said.

"I'm acknowledging them but going deeper and bringing out different ideas," Zolis explained. He added this fits into his platform's theme "your USC president."

He added the focus of his campaign is to bridge the gap between the student body and the students' council.

While recognizing the similarities of the other candidates' campaigns, Zolis hones in on issues such as green space availability. He voiced his concerns with the university's plans to remove the Huron Flats playing fields with the construction of a new stadium. "There is not enough activity space for students. I've spoken to kinesiology students and their activities will be cut, not to mention having time outside will give you a sound body and a sound mind."

Zolis described himself as an everyday student, whose ideas include voicing such concerns as increased tuition. "We need to make use of [the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations] and [the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance] for lobbying our concerns. We're university educated, so let's use it against the heavy provincial lobbying," Zolis said.

In each aspect of his platform he ensures the existence of Western's mandate. "I believe in looking ahead to future students coming to Western and we need to ensure that we're enhancing the quality of education and life."

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