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Tuesday, February 9, 1999


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Spoke opposes campaigning

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Students file strike lawsuit

Alumni centre solves community conflicts

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Spoke opposes campaigning

By Stephanie Cesca
Gazette Staff

University Students' Council presidential candidates ran into some trouble on Friday regarding where they were permitted to hold the campaign's annual soap box routine.

According to Jonathan Coe, chief returning officer for the USC, he and VP-campus issues Peter Hill proposed the idea of each candidate presenting their own routine during the "Friday Funnies" at The Spoke. This proposition, however, was denied by Mark Serre, The Spoke's general manager.

"I thought it was a wicked idea so I approached Mark Serre and I was told a flat-out 'no,'" Coe said.

Coe added the idea would have been a successful one because the bar often draws a large and captive audience. Once Serre opposed the idea, Coe forwarded the idea to Mark Wellington, general manager at the Wave which was immediately welcomed. Yet, problems proceeded with this location as well.

"We needed to be in there between 12 and two," said Ian Armour, USC president. "But it would have conflicted with the setup of the Big Wreck concert." Armour said the soap box routines were then forced to take place in the atrium of the University Community Centre.

In justification of his decision to reject Coe's and Hill's proposition, Serre said he always believed The Spoke to be a sanctuary away from Western.

"We don't allow any campaigning here," he said. "No campaigning, no flyers. I just don't think it's very fair."

Coe's concern, however, was the fact that The Spoke is USC operated.

When asked about whether or not Serre had the right to prohibit the possibility of the soap box routine occurring in the bar, Armour felt he had to agree with Serre.

"We give our managers freedom," he said. "He's the manager of the bar and he's employed to make decisions to make sure The Spoke does well."

In response to Wellington agreeing to host the event, Serre said that was fine for the Wave. "We're different bars and we're run differently," he said.

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