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Students file strike lawsuit

By Becky Somerville
Gazette Staff

The Students' Administrative Council at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick launched two lawsuits Friday in an effort to gain compensation for a faculty strike which has kept students out of classes for almost three weeks.

Members of the Mount Allison Faculty Association walked off the job Jan. 21 after failed attempts to reach a collective agreement with the university administration. Both parties have been disputing primarily monetary issues.

Representing 2,500 undergraduate students at Mount Allison, the SAC has filed the lawsuit against both the university and MAFA to repair significant damages incurred as a result of the strike, said SAC President Sam Millar.

The lawsuit against MAFA holds the faculty accountable for breaching a trust between students and their professors, Millar said. "Because of that breach there have been damages incurred, so faculty is liable."

Millar added one tactic of the lawsuit is to pressure both sides into finding a resolution to the strike so they do not end up in court paying damages. "If we end up in court we're going to win.

"I really hesitated to go down this road and to sink to their level," Millar said.

Nonetheless, Millar said, the SAC exists to protect the best interests of its students. He added the suit against the university pertains to a breach of contract which is contrary to an agreement outlined in the academic calendar.

"We have left this [lawsuit] specifically broad to allow for such things as lost income, tuition and room and board," Millar said.

Roger Wehrell, vice-president of MAFA, said he knew about the lawsuit but had not received the papers outlining its specific details. "We'll take whatever advice our lawyer has."

Mount Allison President Ian Neubold said all he knew of the lawsuit was what he had read in the newspapers. He explained the university has not received any official documents concerning the suit.

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