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Tuesday, February 9, 1999


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Alumni centre solves community conflicts

By Paul-Mark Rendon
Gazette Staff

The unveiling of the new Bank of Montreal Alumni Western Centre is set for the spring of this year, paving the way for more alumni activity at Western.

The $250,000 building, located at the corner of University Drive and Richmond Street, was donated to Western alumni by the Bank of Montreal in 1997 and has since undergone renovations. It is scheduled to open March 26.

While no longer offering any banking services, the new centre will provide office, classroom and general purpose space for special events, seminars and reunions.

Sara Steers, associate director for alumni relations and development at Western, said the delay of the opening was caused by concerns raised by the Broughdale Community Association over an expected traffic increase in the area. "We did get caught in a spin over the residence issue with the Broughdale Community Association. We decided to let that issue go through its process before we did ours," she said.

Susan Bentley, president of the Broughdale Community Association, said the association was concerned over possible problems which come along with increased activity in the area. "Nighttime activity could be difficult what with people coming and going. We're concerned over things such as traffic at night," she said.

Bentley said suggested activities for the new centre, such as a library book drop-off or a ticket pick-up desk, could contribute to an increase in traffic leading to excessive noise in the neighbourhood.

Bentley added any previous conflicts have now been resolved and both sides are content with the outcome. "I'm glad to see the university is prepared to compromise," she said.

Steers explained the Broughdale Community Association were first concerned the space would be zoned for a coffee shop or a small retail outlet, however, their fears ended with the confirmation of the centre.

Mike Taylor, senior manager for financial services at the Bank of Montreal, said he was pleased to see the opening of the new centre.

Taylor added the Bank of Montreal did not play a role in developing the new centre. "We've just kind of taken a back seat," he said.

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