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Tuesday, February 9, 1999


Protecting thy honour

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Protecting thy honour

Re: Western stands alone without "u," Feb. 4

To the Editor:

I am appalled by the attitudes of the members of Western's Senate and the leaders at this university who have not stepped in to change the spelling of honour on the degrees that are conferred at this university.

It's time to wake up and smell the coffee folks, we are not an Ivy League university, we're a CANADIAN one and I for one am proud of that fact. It's time we starting using Canadian English in every aspect of this university, not just in the essays we write in first-year English.

I find the comments of Prof. Hilborn to be particularly distressing. He said he saw no need to change the spelling and that it was sensible to keep the old spelling. Well professor, I'll give you one good reason to change the spelling. IT'S WRONG!

Nor do I particularly care for the comments of Prof. Mellamphy, suggesting students like me are being "niggardly" if we demand the CORRECT spelling of honour on our degrees. I would suggest that he is being just as niggardly every time he changes the spelling of the word honour (or colour or flavour or neighbour) on a student's paper where the "u" has been left out.

I think we should send the entire Senate back to a Grade 2 class which is where I learned that in Canada we do things differently and spell these words with a "u." Maybe there they could learn a little pride and some Canadian academic integrity in the process.

I am going to be graduating this year and if my diploma has honour spelled incorrectly on it, I guarantee I will send it back and keep sending it back until the university corrects its spelling error.

Jeff Paul

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