Volume 92, Issue 74

Tuesday, February 9, 1999


Protecting thy honour

Moaning and groaning to the top

Life's tragedies

Women in separate research

Life's tragedies

By Chris Simmons
Gazette Writer

I write this in regards to the letter written in complaint of the unsanitary conditions amongst our rubber-gloved comrades who bravely man our bastion of strength, Tim Hortons.

When born, who could have imagined such dreadful misfortune would happen to our innocent lives? Imagine the horror of seeing with childlike naivete that our pillars of strength and community at food services might have a crack.

Sweet Sharon, it is not easy to see our idols fall or discover some are born instinctually evil. But we are reminded of the tragedy of life each time we see the children of a war torn country, the burning wreck of a school bus or a squirrel with a tail shorter than the rest.

What lets such tragedy happen to our precious little ones? Poor squirrel chromosomes? A reckless driver with little care for a tail he will never miss? I don't know, I have no answers.

Perhaps all I can say is this – whatever the hardships, whatever our troubles, believe in a perfect world and damnit, dare to dream.

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