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Tuesday, January 12, 1999



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Frat finally pays up

By Sabrina Carinci
Gazette Staff

Financial woes and worries may not plague Western's Delta Tau Delta fraternity for much longer.

Brett Dyess, director of membership and chapter services for the Delta Tau Delta international organization, said he has recently received cheques for the fraternity's accumulated debt which was cause for the suspension of their charter early in November.

Although he was unsure of the exact amount, Dyess said the fraternity owed their international organization just under $10,000. "As for how they got there – that's for them to say," Dyess said.

When asked about the accumulation of the debt, Dyess felt the reasons were irrelevant. "I have no comment on what it was that caused the debt. I don't think it matters now."

Allan Skok, president of Delta Tau Delta, blamed the debt accumulation and lack of payment on poor communication. "There were a whole bunch of communication problems because [the international] sent the notices to an old address," he said.

Skok also said the fraternity was in possession of the money early in December and was simply waiting for the international to send a detailed bill. "We had the [money], I just needed the breakdown from head office," he said.

Jason Shoemaker, president of the Inter-fraternity Council, said the constant turnover of who handles the fraternity's finances may have played a role in the confusion of the organization's total debt.

Although Shoemaker said he thought it was responsible of the fraternity to look into the debt and approach him with their problems, he did admit allowing the debt to accumulate to the point of suspension was irresponsible.

"Without a doubt, it was unprofessional of [past members] – but it was also unprofessional of the international for not keeping them updated," Shoemaker said.

According to Skok, although the fraternity's charter had been suspended, it was reinstated upon the receipt of the funds.

However, as of yesterday, Dyess said the fraternity had yet to fill out the required paperwork for the reinstatement of the fraternity. "Once they petition, by this weekend, they will be reinstated. I don't anticipate any problems."

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