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Tuesday, January 12, 1999



Victim role is hard to swallow

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Victim role is hard to swallow

Re: Unbelievable propaganda, Dec. 8

To the Editor:
I don't buy it. I'm sorry Mr. Wasserstein, but your pathetic act of playing the scared victim just does not sit well with me.

Actually, I am quite surprised that you chose to be portrayed that way. However, you did and I feel obligated to remind you that prejudiced people exist where ever you go in life. However, to express that you now walk around campus in fear of discrimination (because your name might sound, or you may look Jewish) due to Hussein Hamdani's so-called "racist and radical" remarks, is quite absurd.

First, I am actually quite sorry you feel Mr. Hamdani's remarks are "racist and radical." I think "disturbing" would be a better fit for a description. However, it represents a truth in our society, a truth Mr. Hamdani witnessed with his two eyes, a truth Mr. Hamdani lived through, a truth which is still happening now. The purpose of Mr. Hamdani's speech was to recount his experiences in Palestinian occupied territories and he did so quite well.

In your letter you spoke about how Mr. Hamdani's speech was full of hateful opinions, in particular talking about Jews killing Arabs as well as "white" Jews being supremacist to "black" Jews. Keeping the purpose of Hussein Hamdani's speech in mind (recount personal experiences in Palestinian occupied territories), I kindly remind you that Mr. Hamdani specifically explained that he was in conversation with a Jewish settler who explained to him that "white" Jews look down upon "black" Jews. Does that not seem like a recount of a personal experience to you?

As for Mr. Hamdani explaining that Jews were responsible for killing Arab people, I believe that you Mr. Wasserstein are guilty of taking words out of context. However, in a country where hatred between the two sides is at intolerable levels, I cannot see where your point with this statement is going. It is well known that the Palestinian people have been occupied by the Jews for over 50 years now. And that killing and death is sadly an everyday occurrence.

In my opinion, I believe the speech by Mr. Hamdani was quite fruitful and productive and allowed for some excellent discussion during and after the question period. However, Mr. Wasserstein, there is one point I do agree on with you and that is people should not believe this individual (Mr. Hamdani) but that they, as Mr. Hamdani said in his speech on more than one occasion, "are invited to go and seek the truth for themselves."

Come on Mr. Wasserstein, give the readers some credit. Playing the role of the victim is a sad way to drum up support through sympathy.

Maher El-Abdallah

Administrative and Commercial Studies I

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