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Tuesday, January 12, 1999



Victim role is hard to swallow

Thinking about stereotypes

Evil rush week

Thinking about stereotypes

Re: We do more than just drink and party, Jan. 7

To the Editor:
Whoa! I say.

Marc Schaffer wants The Gazette to "think a little harder when reporting on fraternities." Mr. Schaffer, it is the duty of the paper to report the news in an unbiased manner, regardless of who or what is involved. If a frat member gets caught with fake ID, it is news, regardless of its relevance or lack of interest. The fact that the incident furthers a negative stereotype of fraternities is not relevant to The Gazette.

If they begin to "think" about the effects of publishing the facts of events, we will get a distorted view of the news. Now that would be a true "misrepresentation" and a waste of student funds.

If you don't like the fact that frat members are ending up in the paper for embarrassing things, then stop doing embarrassing things.

David Hallahan

Engineering IV

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