Volume 92, Issue 58

Tuesday, January 12, 1999



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Thinking about stereotypes

Evil rush week

Evil rush week

Re: Rush week

To the Editor:
Beware! That dreaded time of the year is here once again.

Once a semester those crazy, friend-buying frat boys storm the University Community Centre in hopes of luring helpless men into their prestigious social club. Gentlemen of Western, please be careful!

Avoid the rush booths at all costs – stay home. Don't come to school – for if you do, you may be surrounded by a group of feeding frat boys hungry for new members. Don't even give rush booths a glance, you might actually like what you see.

Join a fraternity? What would your friends think? Fraternities interested in philanthropy? No way. Brotherhood? What's that? Life lasting friendships and contacts? Yeah sure. Be a part of something that over 1,000 Western students are a part of? Stay away.

Don't open your mind. Do not explore new experiences. Limit yourself. Whatever you do, don't rush a fraternity – because you might actually enjoy it!

Scott Peters

History III

President, FIJI Fraternity

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