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Wednesday, January 13, 1999

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USC proposes two $1,000 raises

By Christina Vardanis
Gazette Staff

At tonight's University Students' Council meeting, council will vote on a series of proposed motions, including one which will directly affect two of its own members.

USC President Ian Armour and VP-finance David Small will move to increase the honoraria received by legal affairs officer Jennifer Quick and communications officer Warren Tilston by $1,000, as well as change the existing payment plan. The officers would be required to log a minimum of 15 hours a week to be paid in full.

Both Quick and Tilston receive $3,000 in honorarium, which is divided into two lump sums of $1,500 paid at the end of each school term. If passed, Quick and Tilston would receive half of the proposed increase for their work this term.

Armour said the motion originated from witnessing how much work the two jobs entail. "They put in some serious, heavy time," he said. "I believe, as a person involved, they deserve this money."

Quick, a full-time law student in her third year, said she works a minimum of 40 hours a week. She added she thought stipulating a minimum amount of hours for her position was a positive idea which will set a realistic example for future legal affairs officers. "It sets it in stone and will help with the recruitment of applicants for the position."

Tilston, a physics graduate, said he spends between 30 and 40 hours a week as communications officer and also holds a separate job. "If it weren't for my part-time job, I would be able to produce a better product for the USC."

Tilston added he is not unhappy with his present situation. "I was fully aware of the pay structure and have always been satisfied with my compensation."

Michael Rubinoff, undergraduate Board of Governors representative for the USC, expressed some apprehension with the timing of the motion.

"To start pay increases half-way through the term is a concern," he said. "When we're making decisions to change bylaws, we should be looking at the position and not the people [holding the positions]. We have to look at if their responsibilities have increased, or if they have increased their own responsibility."

Quick and Tilston had no involvement in suggesting the motion, are not voting members of the Board of Directors and will not be present when the motion is discussed, Armour said.

Second-year kinesiology student Mark Dodds said he agrees with the proposed increase, but thinks it should wait until next term. "They're doing these positions because they want to, not for the money."

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