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Wednesday, January 13, 1999

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New rez to bring more Sophs, upper-years

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New rez to bring more Sophs, upper-years

By Elliott Platt
Gazette Staff

Upper-year students who were left in the cold last year will not be forgotten next year, as administration will offer more on campus space with the completion of the new residence on University Drive.

The construction of Elgin Hall will mean more space for upper-year students to live on campus, while also making more Soph positions available for those interested next year.

The new residence is expected to return space allocated to upper-year students to earlier levels. In the past, there had been an average of 70 per cent of residence beds available to first-year students and 30 per cent for upper-year students, said Chris Bumbacco, manager of Western's housing and food services.

Two years ago, the percentage of first-year beds was increased by administration following their decision to guarantee beds for first-year students, but this number will be restored to what it was in the past because of Elgin's construction.

Of the 3,479 available beds next year, 70 per cent will go to first-year students and the rest will be for upper-year students and Sophs, Bumbacco said.

As a result of the increased space, there will be more Soph positions available, said Melissa Cousineau, VP-student affairs for the University Students' Council.

She added there will not likely be a huge increase in the number of Soph positions because of some possible changes to the way space is allocated. Cousineau explained Alumni House may be limited to upper-year students.

Since Orientation Week changes are finished, it would be a good start to be involved as a Soph for Elgin, Cousineau said. "We are looking for a creative person to be the head Soph and move Orientation Week forward."

Dave Riddell, senior director of physical plant and capital planning services, said he is confident the residence will be completed well before the fall semester. "We are anxious to get it completed and it will be another top quality residence, the best in Canada."

Riddell said the construction will be completed on June 15 and its exterior will resemble that of Essex Hall.

Head Soph application forms for Elgin Hall will be available the week before slack week and regular Soph applications will be available in early March. "We encourage anyone to come and sign up from all faculties and to participate as an Elgin Hall Soph," Cousineau added.

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