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Thursday, January 14, 1999



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Un-Canadian club

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Un-Canadian club

When a restaurant's food fails to satisfy a customer's expectations, they are granted a refund. If the establishment continues to provide poor service it will lose its customers and have to shut down. The University Canadian Club of Western Ontario has repeatedly tempted its members with the promise of tasty Canuck treats – but has repeatedly left them with empty plates.

In October, a buzz spread across campus that ABC news anchor Peter Jennings was slated to speak at Western. Tickets were grabbed up quickly by excited Canadian Club members and Western students alike. A few days before the much anticipated event, however, it was learned that no, Jennings was not going to appear.

The reason given was one which borders on silliness – no one remembered to book a room for Jennings' presentation and a suitable one was nowhere to be found. Tickets were refunded for many disappointed and unhappy people.

It is true, the first dinner event held by the Canadian Club in November was a success – sort of. Bob Rae attracted many curious spectators, which were treated with an advertising campaign for Rae's latest book release. It is curious that Rae's prompt agreement to visit campus should coincide with his efforts to make money for himself.

At the end of the Rae presentation, Canadian Club organizers promised to bring Prime Minister Jean Chretien to campus in the new year. Tickets have yet to go on sale, however, because Chretien's not coming.

The hoopla surrounding the event has stretched beyond campus into the offices of local politicians and even Chretien's office itself. The club's speaker schedule also lists Jean Charest and Dian Francis as the last two speakers of the school year. The question remains but can probably be answered – will they succeed in bringing these last individuals to campus? Or will they let students down again?

With the status of the Canadian Club constantly in flux, confusion, miscommunication and uncertainty are sure to arise.

What is certain, in this big confusing mess which calls itself a Canadian club, is it has been run very poorly and is undeserving to have an affiliation with this university. Given the mandate of the club is to "to create a greater knowledge of Canada and its institutions through presentation of speakers and forums" and only one presentation has been made in the last five months, the club must realize it has not fulfilled anyone's expectations.

Just like that dinner which was advertised but failed to satisfy the appetite, the Canadian Club must finally do something to please its hungry members and refund them their money.

Besides, it's the Canadian thing to do.

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