Volume 92, Issue 60

Thursday, January 14, 1999



Win some, lose some

Chretien confusion surrounds club

Westminster may become a Western residence

Pigs fly to Canada to help out research

1,200 biz keeners to do gaming

New Earth-sized planet could sustain life


Hot Air

Caught on campus

Caught on campus too

Hot Air

Hot Air explores some of the more interesting, less formal things said at University Students' Council meetings. Here are a few tidbits overheard at last night's meeting...

"If you think of something just say it, nobody is going to laugh [followed by laughter]."

– Rory Capern, speaker for the USC, referring to council's scrutiny of the minutes.

"If someone gave me $1,000 to say thank you I would be pretty happy."

– Joe Hammill, USC councillor, referring to increasing the honoraria for next year's

legal affairs officer.

"I do agree, it should not be retrospective."

– Student senator and USC councillor Allison Norris attempting to make an amendment to one of the motions .

"Is this a real point of order or a false point of order? Be careful now, we're sensitive to it."

Capern, referring to some councillors confusion of the proper use of the term.

"Because I don't understand it and I have a feeling if I don't understand it..."

– undergraduate student representative on the Board of Governors, Michael Rubinoff, on why he was requesting a clarification.

"Motion carries, no wait, the motion does not carry."

Capern, referring the failure of a motion to table the USC policy on the dispersement of the honoraria of the legal affairs officer.

"I don't want to tread on your other motion, I can wait."

Rubinoff, stating his objections to the first motion affecting the legal affairs officer.

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