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Thursday, January 14, 1999



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Good frat PR

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Good frat PR

Re: Thinking about stereotypes, Jan. 12

The plan of the Intra-fraternity Council this year was to make some progress in the area of breaking down the stereotypes of "Greek life" on campus. I thought that some progress had been made when The Gazette ran an article which made an attempt to quash some myths of fraternity and sorority involvement. However, we appear to have run full circle and arrived back at the beginning.

I must agree with Marc Schaffer concerning the fact that there must have been something more newsworthy than a minor being charged with minor consumption. In the Jan. 12 issue, low and behold an article about a fraternity on the front cover. Rather than mentioning what is going on in the world, reference is made to a chapter which has inherited financial problems. Many students have problems with budgeting their money, but you seldom hear about these issues.

In Mr. Hallahan's article, he mentions the incident furthers a negative stereotype. I would hope that in this day and age, people, especially university students, while this concept is utopian, would attempt to educate themselves before jumping to a conclusion. I encourage all of the people who think that being part of a fraternity or sorority means driving a Porsche, partying every night and sleeping with everyone, to attend a rush event somewhere. The cost is free, you can educate yourselves a little more and who knows, you just might enjoy it.

Something which has been in existence for more that 150 years can't be that terrible.

Austin Brooks
Public Relations Officer
Intra-fraternity Council

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