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Thursday, January 14, 1999



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This week in Mustang sports

This week in Mustang sports

1983 – For most, two hours of basketball is more than enough to knock them to the hardwood. For the Forest City Flyers it took 38 hours and 50 straight wins before they decided to call it quits.

The Flyers, a 12-member wheelchair basketball club from the Ontario Conference of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association, took to the Alumni Hall gym in mid April calling all comers. The second annual Wheely Ballathon, in which opponents took the court in wheelchairs, was an attempt to raise awareness for physically disabled sports.

Western student Dan Altan, who rolled across Canada (6700 km) in just 81 days a year prior to the marathon, founded the two-day event. While members of the Flyers took turns on the court, Altman played every minute of the 38 hours of ball.

The $5,000 that was raised by the event was donated to the London and District Wheelchair Sports Association.

Included in The Flyers' 50 wins was the Western men's and women's basketball teams, CHRW and even The Gazette who the Flyers trounced 57-5 in a lopsided affair. A result that was repeated in almost every game.

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