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Friday, January 15, 1999

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Rabbits stray from home

By Monica Leone
Gazette Staff

With the amount of snow the city of London has endured over the past few weeks, members of Local Rabbits are definitely going to need their snowsuits. Hailing from Pointe Claire, Quebec, Local Rabbits are ready to take London by storm.

Just the thought of trudging through the snow leaves nothing to be desired, however bassist King Ryan will endure this coldfront with the intent of keeping himself preoccupied.

"Playing a couple of shows is a great way to keep busy on the weekends," Ryan discloses. Although only playing a few shows this winter promoting their latest release Basic Concept, Local Rabbits will be embarking on a full support tour in early April.

"Yeah, we're going to start touring the States with Sloan. It's been picking up, the whole going away thing that is."

With numerous recordings to their name, these quasi-pop, R&B, rock and funk guys are no strangers to the stage. Together for most of the '90s, they have developed quite the discography. The Rabbits entered the record industry with the release of an EP titled SuperDuper and they followed that up with the 7" Put On Your Snowsuit You Are Going To Hell and their first full length You Can't Touch This.

The March 1998 release of Local Rabbits' latest album titled Basic Concept has proven to be a success. "Critically it's been good. We think that the record was very well done. Almost decent," Ryan says.

Local Rabbits, comprised of bassist King Ryan, guitarist Peter Elkas, guitarist/vocalist Ben Gunning and drummer Jason Tustin all bring something to the musical stew.

"It ain't rocket science. We're trying to make our shows as basic as possible," Ryan explains. Basic is one thing this band is not. Making songs instead of showing off defines this band and that definitely has a high regard for their shows. "If people like good music and want to be entertained properly, they should come out to the show."

Braving the Canadian winter, Local Rabbits are the pinnacle of courage and are always intent on delivering a great show. If there is still any doubt, take it from King Ryan – it's one you don't want to miss.

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