Volume 92, Issue 61

Friday, January 15, 1999

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Pat on the back

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Pat on the back

So why does everyone seem so down about this university?

Western's students are well known for their occasional bursts of pride and spirit, but if one were to spend much time listening to the folks around campus, they might start to believe the "W' in UWO stands for "whiners."

Now The Gazette is the first to say we have been known to provide the university with its fair share of constructive criticism on these very pages. After all, protest, disagreement and an active student voice are essential parts of an effectively run university – especially in these days of cutbacks and tuition hikes.

It's easy to complain and criticize, however, it can be even easier to take the things which are going well for granted. Well, no longer. The following is a short, but dignified list of a few things which have proven themselves to be shinning examples of what's gone right at Western so far this year. So grin and bear it – this will all be over in a moment.

Bus Pass – While a few kinks still need to be ironed out of this new student service, a universal bus pass has proven to be a very wise choice. By strongly voting in favour of this proposal last spring, students have been given the convenience, encouragement, as well as a significant discount which helps make regular public transit use more feasible.

On Campus Pub Fare – While the folks at CentreSpot continue to take students' dear dollars to the cleaners, the Wave and The Spoke prove to be the best bang for the buck. The Wave's substantial portions equate value and quality, while The Spoke's dirt cheap eats can fit any budget. If we could only get them on the meal plan.

Snow removal – Despite tremendous January adversities, the staff in charge of keeping our walk/roadways free from slippery snow and incessant ice have done a superlative job. Even with leaky boots and bad traction, these soldiers have efficiently allowed us all to get where we're going.

Charity – From Charity Ball to the successful United Way campaign, it's clear that even Western's cash-strapped students have found various ways to make philanthropic contributions to the community. While some may scoff at our methods, the results prove to be nothing less than extraordinary.

Davenport's "road" trip – We might be paying for President Paul Davenport's sabbatical in France, but at least we can get rid of him for a few months.

The Gazette – Made fresh daily, we continue to provide you with the most comprehensive and high quality servings of journalism available on campus. (Pssst... for the day old "propaganda" discount bin, see Pravda).

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