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Friday, January 15, 1999

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Hustler yanked by stores because of contest

By Paul-Mark Rendon
Gazette Staff

A recent article in a pornography magazine has made several government officials a little hot under the collar.

The February issue of Hustler magazine features Canadian Heritage Minister Sheila Copps, a former Western student and University Students' Council member, in a contest inviting readers to write letters detailing their fantasies involving her, the winner receiving a year's subscription.

"Send us your answer along with a short letter telling us why you'd like to hump the Heritage Minister's hot little poutine," reads the magazine's article, which has been removed from over 800 convenience stores across Canada.

Jacques Lefebvre, a spokesperson for Copps, said they were not at all amused by the contest. "That material is filth, it's disgusting. We won't dignify it with further comment.

"We've been getting a lot of calls from colleagues who provide massive support in condemning this article," he added.

"I think it's really a low blow to women and women politicians when they're placed up there for Hustler readers' derision," said Wendy Lill, a culture critic for the New Democratic Party.

Officials at BRZ Publishing, the company that distributes Hustler in Canada, could not be reached for comment.

Copps is responsible for originating Bill C-55, which would see the reduction of split-run magazines in Canada.

Split-run magazines from the United States have the same editorial content as their American editions, but sell cheaper advertising space to Canadian businesses.

"The object of Bill C-55 is to ensure Canadian advertising revenues go to Canadian magazines," Lefebvre said.

Patrick Howe, a spokesperson for Silcorp Inc., owner of Mac's Convenience Stores, Becker Milk Co. Ltd. and Mike's Mart, said they decided to remove the issue featuring Copps from all of their shelves. "We pulled the magazine from all our 831 stores in Canada," Howe said.

"The decision was based on a number of complaints from people who thought this was inappropriate," he said.

Howe added the decision to not sell the magazine applied only to the February issue. Hustler will go back on sale at Mac's, Becker's and Mike's Mart beginning with the March issue.

Despite the decision to pull the magazines, a copy of the issue was found at the Becker's located at 1149 Western Rd., across from Western's Essex Hall residence.

Houssein Chamas, manager of the Becker's, said the clerk who was asked to take the magazines from the shelves must have misunderstood instructions because of his poor English.

"If you've got bad milk, you pull that off the shelf. So this makes sense," Lill said.

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