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Friday, January 15, 1999

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Snow paralyses Toronto and area universities

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Snow paralyses Toronto and area universities

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

As Old Man Winter blankets the ground with a continuous dose of the white stuff, universities around southern Ontario have shut down and are waiting for an end.

The University of Toronto, McMaster University, Ryerson Polytechnic University and York University have either partially or altogether shut down their operations as the megacity attempts to deal with the recent whiteout.

Chris Ramsaroop, president of Students' Administrative Council at the University of Toronto, said since Wednesday students have not been able to attend classes or the campus.

"U of T is officially closed and students have left for the day. President [Robert] Pritchard will make the decision on when classes will resume," Ramsaroop said.

He also said the main concerns were visibility and mobility into and around the campus.

"The subways have been shut down and other public transit methods are unreliable and swamped. The army is here and they will be helping the city as a whole. Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to catch up with the weather," Ramsaroop said.

Ryerson cancelled classes from 1 p.m. yesterday and will re-evaluate its situation 6 a.m. this morning.

Linda Grayson, VP-administration and student affairs at Ryerson, said the university is not closed but classes are cancelled.

"Getting around is the major difficulty. Commuters, staff and students, as well as supplies and mail are having obvious problems getting through the city," Grayson said.

"Students living in residence, however, are still receiving all of their care. The university is keeping up with all of their shovelling and maintenance as best they can," Grayson said.

She added the cancelled classes will be made up based on how individual faculties see fit to replace the lost time.

Both York and McMaster had shut down entirely by yesterday afternoon. York had adopted weather emergency procedures and all of its classes were cancelled from 12 p.m. yesterday afternoon, awaiting an update last night at 9 p.m.. McMaster's morning and evening classes yesterday were also cancelled due to weather conditions.

Western remained open and functioning yesterday despite its heavy snow falls. Judy Noordermeer, public affairs officer, said the last time the campus was closed due to weather conditions was Feb. 6, 1995.

"Night classes were cancelled on the evening of the sixth due mostly to the shut down of the public transit system," Noordermeer said.

Dave Riddell, senior director for Western's physical plant and capital planning services, said the university has not even considered closing the school down and congratulated the London Transit Commission on its efficiency during the weather woes.

"We just haven't received as much snowfall, in comparison, as Toronto. The snow, however, is starting to pile up," Riddell said.

With more snow predicted in the near future, Riddell said the university will have to make its decision on whether or not to close based on snowfall.

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