Volume 92, Issue 61

Friday, January 15, 1999

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More student debate needed

More student debate needed

Re: Win some, lose some, Jan. 14

To the Editor:
Last April, on one of the last days of classes, the University Students' Council unilaterally voted pay increases for its president and five VPs. Thanks to the timing of this pay hike, student debate on the issue was totally non-existent.

On Wednesday night, the USC continued its policy of not allowing student input on pay increases for USC members by voting a $1,000 increase in the honorarium given to the legal affairs officer. The additional $1,000 is on top of the roughly $11,000 that is already attached to this "volunteer" position.

Sadly, a motion at Wednesday's meeting to table this proposal for a couple of weeks to allow for student debate on the issue was voted down. Instead, the council went ahead and voted the additional $1,000 on the vague notion that the job entailed "a lot of hard work."

The totalitarian actions of the USC at its last meeting are outrageous and unacceptable. Congratulations to the 18 USC councillors who had the decency to vote against the unilateral pay hike and shame on the 36 members who voted in favour of the USC increasing the pay of its own members.

One such supporter of the motion had the audacity to declare that $1,000 is only a tiny fraction of the overall USC budget, so it really wasn't an issue. I am shocked that our elected representatives play so fast and loose with the money they extract from Western students.

Quite clearly, spending at the USC is out of control. My only remaining question is this – if the USC exists to protect students from exploitation from administration, then what body is protecting Western students from exploitation by the USC?

Ray Novak
Political Science III
President, UWO Reform Club

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