Volume 92, Issue 62

Tuesday, January 19, 1999


Saving the world with a little blue box

Keeping it green

Keeping it green

- If possible, do without your car – bike, walk or take public transport.

- When buying products, look for products and packaging which contain recycled materials (preferably post-consumer recycled) and are recyclable themselves. Choose reusables and refillables. Steer clear of over-packaging.

- Compost kitchen scraps and lawn trimmings – there are small composter models which will fit on your balcony.

- Use your blue box and the recycling receptacles around campus.

- If possible, replace hazardous household products with less toxic, biodegradable alternatives.

- Don't waste water – take shorter showers, fix leaky faucets and don't be excessive with laundry and dishwasher use – they use a lot of hot water.

- Turn off your computer when not in use.

- Wait for a full load to use the dishwasher rather than half – it will also cut the cost in half.

- Use a cooler setting on the dryer.

- Keep the thermostat set at 20 C. Turn it down at night to 18 C and during the day to 16 C if nobody's home.

- Turn off lights when not in use.

- Cook with pot/pan lids on – more efficient use of energy.

- Use toaster oven instead of large oven for small quantities.

- Cold water rinsing in the washing machine is a big energy saver.

- A full load of laundry uses half as much energy as a half load/level selector.

Source: Ontario Hydro

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