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Tuesday, January 19, 1999


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A special time of year

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A special time of year

Re: Winter Special Olympics

To the Editor:

For three years I have been able to take part in a great event offered here on Western's campus which always leaves me with fond memories.

The event is the Winter Special Games, hosted by the Kinesiology Student Council. This year the 27th annual games will be held on Jan. 30. The day invites special needs young people from London and the surrounding area to campus to celebrate a day of games, friendship and a lot of laughter.

Student volunteers are partnered with one of the young people and together they accomplish many different tasks throughout the day – from sledding down University College hill, to movies in Thames Hall, to an obstacle course at J.W. Little Stadium or a shared lunch at the Great Hall.

The students who donate their Saturday to the needs of these awesome young people are not only from the school of kinesiology, but are from all the different faculties and schools here at Western. We get so much support that sometimes we have had two volunteers with a very lucky young person. It is so overwhelming to see this type of commitment from the students here at Western.

I must say, as a member of the publicity committee for the Winter Special Games of last year, there was no real mention or coverage of the day's events. We did however have a picture on the front page of the Western News. This is quite disappointing for a campus paper to overlook an event that not only takes place in many different locations on campus, but also involves students from a variety of faculties reaching out to the community.

This event is important to our council and we hope that through publicity this day could become more readily open to and understood by the rest of the Western community. A day to celebrate friends, fun and physical activity is an important one which I truly hope The Gazette will not miss out on.

Marnie O'Toole
Kinesiology IV
President, Kinesiology Student Council

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