Volume 92, Issue 62

Tuesday, January 19, 1999


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No one is above ridicule

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No one is above ridicule

Re: Hustler yanked by stores because of contest, Jan. 15

To the Editor:

Silcorp Inc. (owners of Mac's and Becker's) banned February's edition of Hustler after receiving "a number of complaints from people who thought this [edition] was inappropriate." Why the sudden uproar?

February's issue features a sexual fantasy contest involving Canadian Heritage Minister Sheila Copps. Some think Sheila, as a female politician, should be above ridicule. It is quite disturbing that these same "Liberal-minded" individuals managed to have the issue banned.

No one or nothing is above ridicule. The only person, place, thing, notion or concept that is sacred is the concept that NO person, place, thing, notion or concept is sacred. In fact, satirists such as Hustler are essential for establishing and maintaining a just society.

When we revere a public icon, we lose our impartiality and ability to judge that person fairly. The more awe stricken we are, the greater is our need for iconoclasts to restore our objectivity. [Insert favourite Hitler or religious oppression anecdote here.]

Sure, Hustler's contest may be tasteless, but it is no less tasteless than any other issue. What we have here, my friends, is a pathetic attempt by a few politicians to silence a dissenting opinion. A shining example of a blatant abuse of political power to protect one of their own. Don't let them... rush out and buy your copy of Hustler today! (I hope my fantasy wins!)

Warren Flood
Philosophy/Economics II

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