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Wednesday, January 20, 1999

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Victim dies from stab wounds

Tuition verdict to come Friday

Renovations needed to fix safety concerns

Last call blamed for city violence

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Carillon finds autonomy

Alcohol, thefts keep UPD on the move


Caught on campus

Victim dies from stab wounds

By Mark Brown and Dave Yasvinski
Gazette Staff

Last night, Michael Goldie-Ryder, one of the victims of Friday's stabbing outside of Ichabods, died at the Victoria campus of the London Health Sciences Centre.

Although the hospital refused to release any of the details surrounding his death, Joe Swan, London city councillor for Ward 2, said he was informed early yesterday Goldie-Ryder had been transferred to life support.

"I heard this was imminent at 11 [a.m.]. This is a real tragedy – I am filled with sadness for the family and friends of this young man," Swan said.

London police Chief Al Gramolini said this only serves to exemplify the seriousness of what happened Friday. "We are now looking at a murder charge [rather] than an assault charge."

Gramolini was not prepared to comment on which of the two men arrested in connection to this incident might face such a charge and stressed the importance of stopping this from happening again. "Nothing we say or do will help his family – we have to prevent this from happening to other innocent families."

"This is something I cannot accept in London," said London Mayor Dianne Haskett. "I am certainly prepared to do anything I can to make sure nothing like this ever happens again."

Haskett said a step in the right direction would be getting the federal government to make an amendment to the Criminal Code, making it harder to get away with carrying a concealed weapon.

Bar owners must also bear some responsibility for incidences like this, Haskett added. "Bar owners have to clean up their acts. They are fostering an atmosphere that is obviously leading to excessive drinking," she said.

Gramolini said the police will be considering metal detectors, better street lighting and cameras on the street. "There are a number of options we're going to look at to see how we as a community can better address these issues."

Jeremy Beebe, a first-year Fanshawe student who was also stabbed in the altercation, said he did not know Goldie-Ryder, but was told by a nurse Sunday night he was not doing well.

Beebe added he is recovering from his injuries and expects to be released sometime this week. "I feel a lot better than I did three days ago."

This will only serve to reinforce the need to improve the downtown area, Swan said. "We still have a job to do. It strengthens our resolve at council to continue with the millennium plan and provide safe family activities in the core."

Swan added this incident underlines a bigger societal problem than just a trouble area downtown. "This is not about location but a violent act that took place in our society. We can do something but ultimately it's about the responsible behaviour of individuals."

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