Volume 92, Issue 63

Wednesday, January 20, 1999

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Posts may be toast

By Mark Brown
Gazette Staff

Tonight the University Students' Council will decide the fate of its oldest commissioner position – the race relations commissioner.

The race relations commissioner is one of several commissioner positions which could be deleted. The external affairs commissioner is also being considered for removal while the financial aid commissioner and the student employment services commissioner could be replaced with a new position called the financial awareness commissioner.

Ian Armour, USC president, said the positions are being removed in an effort to cut back some of the redundancy. Currently there is a lot of overlap between the positions proposed for deletion with the responsibilities of other commissioners and vice-presidents on council, Armour explained.

"Times have changed, the responsibilities just aren't there," Armour said. "Why do we need two positions to do the same job?"

According to Pete Hill, VP-campus issues, the race relations commissioner has outlived its usefulness, especially in light of the campus issues portfolio.

"Most of the responsibilities of the race relations commissioner are currently duplicated by the equity commissioner, the international students commissioner and the VP-campus issues," Hill said.

He added his motion to remove the race relations commissioner has been done in consultation with both last year's and the current commissioner. Hill explained any of the responsibilities not duplicated will be transferred to the most relevant portfolio to ensure the work of the race relations commissioner will continue.

Hill stressed his decision to propose the removal of the post was not based on the work being done by Preet Virdee, this year's race relations commissioner. He added the change will not take effect until the next academic year.

Last year's commissioner, Prabu Harihavan, agreed with Hill's proposed motion. "It would be smart to delete the race relations commissioner."

"It really is the best thing for it. If anything, improvements have been made," said USC equity commissioner Najeeb Shafiq.

"The work could have been done by one person but two people were there doing it," he added.

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