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Wednesday, January 20, 1999

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Wrong alliance

Re: Prejudiced slurs are not tolerated, Jan. 14

To the Editor:

In his letter on Jan. 14, Peter Collins reminds us again that gays "are everywhere." Apparently, this includes the front lines of genetic research.

Congratulations to Mr. Collins on his discovery of the gene that codes for homosexuality. This find allows him to proclaim that he was "born this way" and, in turn, place himself alongside those having different skin pigmentation.

It is unthinkable for educated students to continue to be persuaded by gay rhetoric. When will the homosexual community stop offering arguments that render them untouchable to their opponents because of a misguided alliance with racial minorities?

Don't misunderstand. My letter does not come as a defense to the guys who commented inappropriately to Mr. Collins. In fact, I will join Peter in condemning that sort of behaviour.

However, I cannot, in good conscience, defend gay rights like I would so adamantly defend the rights of racial minorities. The two are so fundamentally different. The "born this way" argument must account for the many people who have abandoned the homosexual lifestyle. At the same time, they must show us that a black person can become white (by ordinary means!)

This type of gay rhetoric is propagated through seemingly harmless phrases like "sexual orientation." The word "orientation" presupposes an inheritance. This, however, is the very point we are trying to establish. "Intelligent" and "enlightened" students should recognize these question-begging tactics that seek to win the debate even before it has begun.

Believe it or not, there are those of us who think homosexuality is a despicable, immoral and yes, even unhealthy lifestyle, who are not, as a matter of necessity, also racist.

If there is to be a debate about the morality of homosexuality (and I think that there should be) gays must come out from hiding behind racial minorities, refuse to beg the question and abandon all the other fallacies that have so often been employed in the past.

Dave Theobald
Biology III

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