Volume 92, Issue 63

Wednesday, January 20, 1999

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A graphic display

A graphic display

Re: Editorial cartoon, Jan. 8

To the Editor:

I am a University of Ottawa student who was at Western last weekend visiting some friends. I was generally impressed by everything at Western and was especially pleased to find that Western publishes its own daily.

However, when I picked one up, I was rather surprised and shocked to see a cartoon making mention of Dr. Mengele.

I understand a newspaper does not express or condone any of the views expressed in the Opinions pages. I would hope though that a school as large as Western, with a considerable Jewish population, would take more care in showing blatantly offensive images such as this.

If you were not aware, Dr. Mengele was the famous Nazi doctor who performed excruciatingly painful tests on live human bodies to determine the limits of the body in order to further the German wartime technology.

From now on I certainly hope you take greater care in selecting what you publish in your Opinions section.

Russell Roger
University of Ottawa Student

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