Volume 92, Issue 64

Thursday, January 21, 1999


The end of an incredible journey

Stating the success of the city's year

Lawsuit brings financial burden

Sexuality could find its way into course calendar

Bilingualism slipping

Food scarcity a problem with homeless



Splash and dash

Go hard or go home.

That is the motivating slogan behind this year's Country Club Splash and Dash being held on Jan. 23.

The race, held from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., is being hosted by Western's Triathlon club and will consist of a 1,000-yard swim, followed by a three mile run around campus.

According to race director Sean Gill, anyone who wishes to participate can register at Thames Hall tomorrow from 6 to 9 p.m. and Saturday morning at 9 a.m..

Gill said the entry fee for the race is $25 or $45 which will include a ticket to the Charity Ball. "It is customary to hold a social event after the race," he said.


Reducing redundancy

Last night, Western's University Students' Council voted overwhelmingly in favour of scrapping the race relations commissioner portfolio.

The position was removed to alleviate redundancy in the portfolios and also due to the fact the position was lacking in direction, said Pete Hill, VP-campus issues for the USC.

He added the responsibilities of the race relations commissioner are being assumed under the campus issues portfolio and positions such as the equity commissioner and the international students' commissioner.

Preet Virdee, the current race relations commissioner, said she was pleased with the decision and will finish her term in the position since the mandate does not come into effect until next year.

"Times are changing and things have to be done," she said. "[Equity commissioner] Najeeb [Shafiq] and my roles coincide with one another. I thought it was a great decision to put it all into one."


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