Volume 92, Issue 64

Thursday, January 21, 1999


Anorexia is no thin matter

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Learned behaviour

Total devaluation

Anorexia is no thin matter

Re: Y Me?, Jan. 15

To the Editor:

Giovanna Angelina's cartoon, which appeared in the Jan. 15 issue of The Gazette, sent out an unclear message regarding anorexia.

In the first panel, two women crudely labelled a slimmer woman anorexic. I should not have to point out that not every very slim woman suffers from anorexia. In the second panel one of the labellers is bent over a toilet with her finger down her throat.

Has this woman also succumbed to society's pressure to have the ideal thin body? Or is she simply poking fun at what is quite a serious issue and prevalent condition?

Not only is the cartoon's message ambiguous, but it makes light of a very serious problem in an inappropriate manner.

Sarah Roberts
Social Science I

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