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Thursday, January 21, 1999


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It works out west

Re: Saving the world with a little blue box, Jan. 19

To the Editor:

I enjoyed reading Meridyth Drew's article on Ontario's and Western's blue box recycling program. I thought the sidebar provided by Ontario Hydro was also helpful and informative. Although, I don't believe the government of Ontario is doing enough to save the world through their blue box system.

I am from Saskatchewan where the government has implemented a deposit system on recyclable beverage containers. Whenever a person buys a beverage in Saskatchewan, whether it is in a can, a bottle or a tetra-box, the consumer must pay a deposit from five to 20 cents. This money then goes to the government to pay for environmental programs. But, the consumer can get their deposit back if they return their beverage containers to the local non-profit recycling centre.

While this may appear to be a hassle for the first-time user, it has become a part of life in Saskatchewan for 10 years. From just recycling beverage containers, the 70 recycling depots across the province employ 350 mentally challenged people who would otherwise be on social assistance. Bottle collections are great fund-raising ideas for groups and clubs. As well, 95 per cent of recyclable beverage containers are returned in Saskatchewan, therefore producing less garbage. Saskatchewan can boast one of the highest return rates in North America.

While the blue box system is very profitable for the government of Ontario, it is understandable why they would not want to have a recycling program like Saskatchewan – where their main purpose is to clean up the province.

Melanie Hnetka
MA Journalism

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