Volume 92, Issue 64

Thursday, January 21, 1999


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Learned behaviour

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Learned behaviour

Re: Wrong alliance, Jan. 20

To the Editor:

In his letter of Jan. 20, Dave Theobald addresses the issue of whether homosexuality is genetically ingrained or learned behaviour. Neither he nor I are adequately qualified to answer that question. One thing I can speak to, however, is the attitude he displays.

I think Mr. Theobald aptly demonstrates that he believes homosexuality to be immoral, regardless of whether it is ingrained or not. And actually, its origins shouldn't really be that important. I wouldn't be able to take much comfort knowing people were discriminating against others either because of choices they were making or because they were merely following the basic tenets of DNA coding. It is a moot point. It still amounts to blatant discrimination and it is wrong.

Theobald states that, "the 'born this way' argument must account for the many people who have abandoned the homosexual lifestyle." I wonder if he has considered that maybe this happens because of the intolerant, homophobic, ignorant, facile unenlightened and extremely parochial attitudes?

I further wonder if Mr. Theobald recognizes this is learned behaviour reinforced by certain public figures in this city, as well as in lots of others – and the appearance of an inane letter such as his? Luckily, we don't have to genetically alter Mr. Theobald to try and change his mind. He just needs a little reschooling.

Fred Deveaux
PhD Political Science II

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