Volume 92, Issue 64

Thursday, January 21, 1999


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Total devaluation

Total devaluation

Re: No one is above ridicule, Jan. 19

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to controversy over the February issue of Hustler, specifically Warren Flood's letter which appeared in Tuesday's Gazette.

He states, "No person, place, thing, notion or concept is sacred." For him, this belief supports the fantasy contest regarding Sheila Copps as an attack upon all politicians as sanctimonious egoists hell-bent on the preservation of their image. However, Warren grossly misses the mark.

The contest deflates and humiliates not a politician, but a woman. This certainly keeps with the theme of any pornographic magazine – the objectification and devaluation of women. This contest undermines Sheila Copp's dignity and the responsibility of her position in the government.

Considering the pervasive devaluation of women in all aspects of Canadian culture, I cannot accept this feature merely as a jest at our political system. One has to closely examine the underlying message promoted by this contest and realize the damage it is capable of enacting. Our society has become overly concerned with the right to free speech and, in the process, has trivialized the victims of these "harmless" jokes.

Johanna Weidner
English IV

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