Volume 92, Issue 65

Friday, January 22, 1999


The Concrete Beat

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Western grad robbing the spotlight

Rainy Day bound for glory

Sociopath star of new comedy

Dubbing new electronic barriers

Redman da man for Def Jam

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Dubbing new electronic barriers

Dub Pistols
Point Blank
1500 Records/A&M

Having grown tired of electronic music being stuck into stodgy, tight, predefined categories, head Dub Pistol, Barry Ashworth decided to make sure his band's unhappiness with the trend was heard.

More big beat than anything else, Dub Pistol adds in ska, soul, reggae and some punk sensibility to create a unique and intriguing sound. The album defies boundaries and challenges the listener to accept their funky sound. Point Blank is a diverse mix of electronic sounds using a real guitarist and bassist.

Point Blank presents the listener with a non-conformist perspective on electronica. The first released single, "Cyclone," combines frantically rapped vocals, ska influences and horns to create a prototype for others to emulate.

The mixture occurs on every song – big beat bass combined with reggae vocals, fast break-beat sounds with fast scratching, speed raps and old school jams combined with throbbing bass. The Dub Pistols seem to be out to defy conventional methods of electronica album production.

The album cannot be contained within a single genre and has a wide range of sounds which will appeal to a diverse audience. The vast array of influences is what makes Point Blank unique. Fans of the big beat genre should like this break from the norm.

All in all, a worthy effort which should gain some attention for its display of imagination.


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