Volume 92, Issue 65

Friday, January 22, 1999


The Concrete Beat

Articulating one's own space

Western grad robbing the spotlight

Rainy Day bound for glory

Sociopath star of new comedy

Dubbing new electronic barriers

Redman da man for Def Jam

Celebrity sightings


Celebrity sightings

Michael Longstaff/Gazette

Mmm... it's Isaac! The oldest Hanson of the mini pop sensation was spotted on campus this week, looking a little forlorn without his brothers. When groupies mercilessly attacked, Isaac tried to escape to save his less than delicate frame from any harm. However, the incident didn't pass without injury. It seems one of the flailing females hit him in the face with her autograph book and he caught his lips on his braces. Sources say this is actually Mike Jewell, vocalist for the band Rainy Day Glow playing a show in London this weekend, but he has denied the allegations. Another celebrity sighting will go unconfirmed. If you spot a celebrity on campus, contact The Gazette right away!

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