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Friday, January 22, 1999


Mac dials long distance: Three-pointers prove fatal for 'Stangs

Mustangs out-muscle the Marauders

Mustangs out-muscle the Marauders

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I HOPE YOU HAVE LIFE INSURANCE. Mustang shooting guard Trisha Young [14] burns a McMaster defender on this drive. The Mustangs went to the hoop often in their battle with the Marauders to retain first place in the West winning 63-51.

By Ian Ross

Gazette Staff

Go hard or go home.

That was the message the Western women's basketball team sent to the McMaster Marauders on Wednesday night. Mac reacted by heading back to Hamilton with their first defeat on the season by the count of 63-51 at Thames Hall.

In a highly physical match-up, both teams turned up the intensity in a battle for top spot in the Ontario West division. Dozens of innocent collisions and a few not so innocent hits set the tone for the game, which favoured the stronger Mustang squad over the speedy Marauders.

Western co-captain Jenn Haylor could not have been happier with the team's refocus on out-muscling their opponents.

"We needed to play physical," said Haylor, who netted 24 points on the evening. "At the beginning of the year we got away from it and it hurt us. That is how we have played and won in the past."

Officials Mike Faubert and Doug Heath were kept busy all evening – blowing the whistle on 47 personal fouls. McMaster was found guilty on 26 counts and lost their star rookie Sarah Cameron in the vital final minutes to six fouls.

"Very often this season our problem has been getting in foul trouble," admitted McMaster guard Dani Everitt. "That is something we have to fix. I think it is a result of getting tired and getting sloppy."

Everitt and teammate Kerri Hill scored only 14 points each for Mac.

Western took advantage of the Mac confusion from the opening whistle and opened a 10 point lead early in the first half. The safe margin which dropped no lower than four points was maintained for the rest of the game – something Haylor attributed to Western's consistency and ability to adapt.

"Momentum was a huge thing in this game," she said. "Mac made a couple runs at us and we responded well."

While the Marauders spent most of the evening struggling to get on track, Western put forward one of their best efforts of the year, said Western head coach Bob Delaney.

"The girls were not happy with their results over the Christmas break," he said, referring to the 1-5 record they accumulated during tournament play. "We've taken care of those problems and are moving forward.

"A lot of it is the direct result of the leadership from [co-captains] Nadia [Pezzolo] and Haylor."

Next up on the Mustang schedule is another home tilt against the Waterloo Warriors at 7 p.m. in Thames Hall tomorrow night.

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